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Please send us in all your latest catch reports on BM Baits and we will put them on this page for you!
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Sam Blandford from Dorset caught his first carp of the year in the shape of this 34lb 12oz mirror from a local syndicate . Sam used a 14mm red squid bottom bait with a small pva bag of winter pellet mix cast to showing fish .



This 28lb mirror made a short stalking session worth while for Rich Langley from Wiltshire . Rich used a 18mm crab and cray bottom bait with a 14mm crab and cray pukka pop fished snowman style to a marginal tree .



Master stalker Darren Mills has been priming a few margin spots on a local club water in the hope of catching his first fish from the lake this year and was not disappointed when this 25lb 6oz mirror made off with his bait . Darren used a 12mm crab and cray barrel over a couple of handfuls of our seasonal winter pellet mix .



A big well done to our northern junior fieldtester Tommi Jackson on catching his new personal best with this 21lb 7oz mirror from Old Mill lake . Tommi used a 12mm tangee bird barrel over 100 freebies to tempt his fish .



Rich Langley from Wiltshire has been catching a few over the winter months with several 20lb plus fish to his credit , this 23lb common being one of them . Rich has been fishing a local club water with 18mm crab and cray taking most of his fish which he has had up to 27lb .



A bit of of a late one from last autumn now . Sam Pryor targeted a large low stock venue which has the reputation of being one of the hardest in the land and tempted this 38lb mirror as well as a 22lb mirror . Sam used the crab and cray to prime a small spot in a underfished swim which he had noticed a few fish holding up . Awesome result mate !



Ryan Chapman from Alderholt capped off a fine year with this 23lb 4oz common caught on new year's eve . Ryan used a 18mm crab and cray bottom bait with a 14mm tangerine and n-butyric acid beacon and cast 70 yards to the edge of the ice on the 3/4 frozen lake .



Back up north again now and Tommi Jackson has been doing some interesting feildtesting involving fishing boilies against maggots and particles on a well stocked local day ticket . The results were that the maggots and particle produced 8 carp and the boilie produced 25 fish including 2 known fish from the lake . Tommi is pictured with a fish known as 9 scales and weighed 8lb 12oz .



Sam Pryor has switched from his summer venue to his winter one and had a good start as this 25lb 8oz common proves . Sam used a 18mm crab and cray bottom bait over half a kilo of freebies .



Going up north now to our junior feildtester from scunthorpe Tommi Jackson . Tommi fished a local day ticket water called Merrys pool and tempted a 5 fish catch up to this 8lb 13oz common . Tommi said that there was 4 other anglers on that day and they only had one carp between them . Tommi used the tangee bird in a range of sizes to tempt his haul in tricky conditions which included a freezing northly wind .


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