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Gary Tomkins had a bitter sweet result from his recent semi final in the UK carp cup on brasenose 1 . Gary used a variety of BM baits products to finish only 13lb outside of the qualifying positions but did land a new English pb in the process with this 29lb 2oz mirror . Well done on the pb mate and better luck next year !



Heres a 24lb 8oz mirror form Gary's UK carp cup trip .



I received another catch report from the consistent northan carper Joshua Bean . Here Josh takes up the story ' I was making a 48 hour session down to my local syndicate water knowing we where expected floods for the weekend but I used this to my advantage knowing full well there won't be many anglers on the bank getting set up in rain as I wanted to, I just thought to myself "you've got to be init to win it!". After getting drenched by the rain I was finally fishing and things started brighten up on the weather front in the evening and some fish began to show in my area. At around 8:30 I had a vicious take on the middle rod resulting in a fat stunning mirror of 22lb on the button. Happy days I was well pleased with my result, this was my only fish of the session and what a stunner it was probably one of the best conditioned fish I've ever caught. The fish was take on a snowman hook bait using Bm baits awesome crab and cray 18mm bottom baits and there 14mm tangerine and n-butyric acid beacon pop ups over half a kilo of crab and cray baits, fished against some snags. ' Another great result mate well done !



Dan Hickey enjoyed a great session recently when he broke his personal best not once but twice . Dan started the session with a 13lb common and then broke his pb for the first time by over 10lb with a 29lb 12oz mirror called Jenkins . Dan then followed it up with another pb of 32lb 6oz known as the 3/4 linear . Dan was using a new bait which is on test and also outfished his dad during the 48 hour session on there local club water . Well done Dan thats a great result !



Here is Dan with Jenkins at 29lb 12oz .



Michael Taplin from Stockbridge fished a local water for a 10 fish catch topped by this 21lb 8oz common . It was the first time Michael had fished the lake and the sucessful tactic was a 14mm squid and garlic beacon over a small pva bag of summer pellet mix and marathan mix bottom baits .



Mark Nippard from Dorset fished a local day ticket water for the first time and ended up bagging one of the biggest residents . Mark takes up the story ' i did a 48 hour midweek session and with strong south westerly winds , sun and showers it was good conditions . I saw fish topping and crashing off a island and just decided to cast to these fish with a 18mm crab and cray boilie dipped in the matching glug . I then just spread a few matching baits with throwing stick and took 16 carp during the session up to 29-12 and a 22 pound catfish . ' Wow that sounds like a great session mate , well done !



I had a nice catch report in from Joshua Bean accounting a recent session he had . I will let Josh take up the story ' I fished a 2 night fishing on a local day ticket lake and was lucky to bag 23 fish and one of nice 20's from the water in shape of a 23lb new pb mirror, the weather really wasn't being nice to me all the way through the session but the results kept me well happy, the new pb mirror was taken on a trimmed down 14mm crab and crab bottom bait and trimmed down tangerine and n-butyric acid beacon pop up over spod mix, everyone struggled to get a bite on lake and most went home with a blank but for me I got no sleep because of all the action I got I even had to reel in for the second night just to get some sleep!! ' Sounds like you had a great session Josh and well done on the new pb !



Rich Langley from Wiltshire caught this new lake record and new personal best 44lb 2oz common along with a 25lb 12oz common on a recent trip to a very tricky club water . Rich takes up the story ' This was the second bite on my third trip to the difficult venue. The prevous trips had been to try and piece the puzzle together but this trip I planned a 3 night session. I opted for a swim which has been producing and for the first night only flicked out some free running chods. On the second day I had a feel around with a heavy lead and found some clearer areas amongst the silkweed.



cont - ' That afternoon I rested the swim and prepared the rigs for the night. I opted to fish hard on the bottom with some homemade BM Baits Crab and Cray wafters. The rods were cast out around 6pm and I sat back for a social with a pal. As it got dark I baited up as the gulls had been a nightmare all evening. I put about 30 baits around each rod. At 11pm I had the first bite from the venue resulting in a 25.12 common. It was an imense fight and the fish was in pristine condition. I decided not to re-cast that rod and instead baited with another 50 baits on the spot I took the fish from and planned to re-cast at first light. At 5am the rod was re-cast and it was off again after 10 minutes. What pursued was the fight of epic proportions and after going through 2 weed beds and going on 3 40 yards runs the fish finally went in the net. On the scales it went 44.02 and was now a new lake record, my first 40 and now a new PB. It turned out to be one the most difficult fish to catch from the venue and one which very rarely sees the bank. I stayed on for a nother night but ended up with 2. Cant wait to get back down there and introduce some more of this devastating bait. Cracking result mate - well done !


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