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Please send us in all your latest catch reports on BM Baits and we will put them on this page for you!
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Here is a 28lber from Tim's trip .



Here is Tim's 47lb mirror . This is Tims only picture of the fish as his friend accidently delete all his other photos .



Another angler who is having a good time of it at the moment is Max Fordham . Max emailed in saying ' I arrived at about 5o'clock on saturday and the weather looked spot on, low pressure and very overcast. Although I couldn't fish friday night I still managed to get down the lake and prime a few likely looking spots with whole and chopped crab and cray boilies. There was signs of fish over both spots I had baited when I arrived on saturday so there was no hesitation in fishing that swim. By the time both rods were out on the prebaited areas it had just started to rain and I was very confident of a bite. I woke up to motionless bobbins the next morning and I was surprised that I hadn't had a take. While I was thinking about what I had done wrong the left hand rod positioned tight to a weedbed tore off! I picked up the rod and was met with a solid resistance. After some steady pressure the fish was on the move again. It felt like a good fish as it was staying deep and taking line when it wanted. Before long the fish was plodding around in the margins and I quickly slipped the net underneath what looked like a low 30 mirror. On the scales it went 30lb 5oz (a new pb) and is a fish known as the bypass. This fish has gone 37lb before so was down in weight. Once again the crab and cray boilies have come up with the goods! ' A massive well done Max !



Richie Martin from Ringwood enjoyed a great night fishing on his local club water with a 2 fish catch . Richie was using a new bait which is on test for the first time and i think it works as Richie's 2 fish weighed in at 30lb 4oz and 32lb 14oz . Richie used the new bait that will be called TD11 in 18mm and used a kilo for his 20 hour session . Great result Richie , well done !



Here is Richie's 30lb 4oz mirror .



Max Fordham from London has been having some great success recently using the crab and cray as this 24lb 7oz mirror shows . Max has been fishing a couple of local waters and has had several 20lb plus fish with this one being caught on a quick overnighter . Well done Max , keep up the good work !



Sam King enjoyed a recent 48 hour guest session on a friends syndicate with a 12 fish catch topped by fish of 21lb 8oz and this new personal best 31lb 4oz mirror . Sam caught the biggest fish in the lake known as Helen on a double 14mm tangee bird bottom bait with a small pva bag of all season pellet mix . This was cast 30 yards to a small spodded area . Well done Sam !



Lewis North had a great day on a local lake as this stunning mirror topped a 4 fish catch . Lewis used the crab and cray in 16mm barrel shape to fool his catch .



The ever consistant Josh Bean has been in touch again telling us about his new personal best . Josh takes up the story ' I managed to make a quick over night session on a local lake to me which I have never fished before and was willing to give the place a go after my girlfriend give me the idea to go there. What a great idea it was because i managed to bag a nice fish during my session and what a nice fish it was it turned out to be a new pb of 38lb 2oz smashing my previous pb, not only was it a new pb but a new lake record too, not to mention it was also a ghosty which made the catch even more special. What a result first session on the lake and bagged the lakes biggy! The downfall for the catch was the awesome crab and cray 14mm topped off with a small cut down tangerine and n-butyric acid 10mm pop up, fished to a right hand marginal area with a overhanging tree. The area was baited with about half a kg of crab and cray 14mm bait with a couple of handfulls of ft pellet mix soaked in crab and cray glug. What a result all thanks to Bm baits, my fishing has been transformed!!!! No worries Josh , well done buddy !



Danny H sent a email the other day detailing a recent trip . Danny said ' A three day trip to Burton Constable Holiday Park was hard going as there had only been two fish caught in the last week, a 9lber and a 10lber. I decided to go with one of my all-time favourite baits, red squid from BM Baits. I fished to a clear channel running through the lakes famously large stretch of Lily Pads. I fished a bed of 18mm red squid boilies with my hookbait dipped in the red squid glug, also from BM Baits. Unfortunately this awesome combination also deemed irresistible to a few bream and tench but i did also manage this 16lb 6oz mirror . Great result Danny , well done !


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